40 years of passion for the Italian Jewel


Nardelli Gioielli

40 years of passion for the Italian Jewelry

For over 40 years, Nardelli has meant Italian jewelry for excellence. Under the guidance of Domenico Nardelli, CEO of the brand, alongside his sons Salvatore, Giovanni and Sara, the company becomes a major jewelry brand with a highly recognizable style. A path full of successes marked by the introduction of new and innovative lines, some of which become real must haves. Combining traditional craftsmanship and high profile design, Nardelli stands out within the most prestigious international markets.

1970, Domenico Nardelli in his
laboratory situated in the Goldsmiths Borgo

View of the
Goldsmith Square in Naples.

The Old School

The Goldsmiths Borgo, the historical heart of art and dedication.

Caught between Corso Umberto and Via Marina, this tiny area that expanded around a square since the Anjou period, has been hosting the shops of goldsmiths and silversmiths artisans, originally French, then, Neapolitans.

In this maze of streets of this vibrant city, the talent, the skills and the passion of local masters have settled the conditions to develop the great Neapolitan school that is famous all over the world.

Ancient emblem of the Goldsmiths Guild in Naples.

Rigor and Passion

Giovanni Nardelli, Creative Director of the brand

From his upbringing under the guidance of his father and company founder Domenico Nardelli and the skilled Neapolitan goldsmith artisans, Giovanni acquired a valuable amount of know how since a very early age.

Inspired by a deep passion for gems and a true dedication to research, Giovanni Nardelli puts all its expertise at the service of the beauty and style lovers who inspirit today's vibrant market of jewelry.

The Made in Italy Know How

Italian style in jewelry

The ancient goldsmith tradition of the Neapolitan school lives in Nardelli creations. The mastery of the ancient techniques, the perfection of shapes, enhanced by the beauty and preciousness of gems and diamonds, the refinment of details, are all values that only the Italian craftsmanship can truely guarantee.

Choosing a jewel signed Nardelli means wearing the Italian style, a perfect synthesis of technology and passion, classicism and innovation and living an experience of rare intensity.

Precious Elements

What dreams are made of

At Nardelli, gold is the material that is shaped to become the architecture which will welcome, enhance, wrap up gems and diamonds together to create a work of art, a unique piece. The goldsmiths and gem setters infuse passion and soul, bringing out through their mastery, the profound message of their art, that goes far beyond aesthetics, and enlightens every single piece with extraordinary precious glows.

High Quality Crafting

The real Handmade in Italy

Each Nardelli creation is the result of a long and accurate team work, where designers, goldsmiths, gemologists, trend analysts and managers work hand in hand to monitor the extremely high quality of raw materials, the research innovation that will enhance without changing the identifying characteristics of the brand, the study of the taste of an increasingly more demanding clientele, who is willing to have an piece of extraordinary craftsmanship, yet of easy wear. Under the skilled hands of artisans and goldsmiths, precious materials are molded, cut, carved, polished.

Art and Design

The art of creating emotions, a style in continuous evolution

The jewel Nardelli is born from the artistic sensibility of the designer, who imagines the piece in its entity and transfers it on paper, first as a sketch, then as a more and more detailed drawing. The stones and precious materials are then accurately selected so that they adhere to the concept of object d'art. At this point, the design becomes a model, ready to receive the gems for setting, to reveal its volumes and its facets, and finally enhance the personality and style of the wearer.

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